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Stainless Steel Anchor Hooks
Stainless Steel Anchor Hooks
Stainless Steel Anchor Hooks

Stainless Steel Anchor Hooks

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Worried about installing your yoga trapeze? A set of these reinforced wall mount anchor hooks will make it easy. Your order only includes 1 hook with 4 screws and sleeve anchors, so make sure to order quantity 2 for easy installation of the yoga trapeze. 


  • Reinforced Safety. Each hook is reinforced with not two, but FOUR spring snap screws to provide redundancy. When properly installed, this will give you the highest protection and allow you to hang safely from your yoga trapeze. 

  • Stainless Steel Strength. Rest assured while using your new yoga trapeze that you are in good hands with these wall mounts constructed with superior strength stainless steel. 

  • Sleeve Anchor Expansion Bolts Provide Heavy-Duty Strength. Sleeve Anchor technology wedges tight inside the mounting material, providing heavy-duty strength and security to allow support for up to 500 lbs of weight. Intended for use with a variety of dense or hard mounting material such as dense wood, concrete or brick. Wondering how they work? Watch this 15 second video for a visual of how it anchors itself:

Wall Mount Anchor Hooks Are Good For: br /> Order two and you'll have everything you need to install your yoga trapeze. 
Stainless Steel provides strength and durability against the elements.
Expansion bolts provide heavy-duty strength to support up to 500 Lbs. 


Product Details: 
Hook Diameter: .95 x 1.1 inches
Hook Width: approx. .4 inches
Material: Stainless Steel
Includes: 1 hook + 4 Expansion Sleeve Anchor Bolts (you'll need quantity 2 to safely install the yoga trapeze). 


Safety Notice: If you do not have experience installing expansion sleeves, please consult a professional. Improper installation and use with the yoga trapeze may cause serious injury.